Employee Directory

A new corporate directory created for Associated Engineering which focuses on distilling the same data as the existing system of AE but facilitated by a modern, simple UI and an efficient search flow.

Technologies: React, C#, ASP.NET, AWS Lambda, Entity Framework

Coder Community

Coder Community is a social platform for software developers of all levels. On Coder Community, you can join and grow with a community and read and write articles, post and watch videos, join and create groups, live chat, and undertake coding challenges together.

Technologies: React/Redux, TypeScript, Node.js, MongoDB, REST API, Web Sockets

Flashcard App

A flashcard maker app which generates the UI simultaneously as users type in a code editor using DSL processing methods.

Technologies: React, TypeScript

Accounting App

Accounting App is a full-stack server-side rendered web application to perform accounting functions in multiple languages and currencies.

Technologies: React, Node.js, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, NextJS, TypeScript

Campus Explorer

UBC Campus Explorer is a full-stack web app using RESTful API to perform queries on UBC’s course and room databases.

Technologies: Node.js, TypeScript

Housing Mapper

Housing Mapper is an application which parses a list of properties in XML format into internal objects. Users can select properties based on a list of criteria and find their locations on a map.

Technologies: Java, Swing

Mini apps

Mini apps: Random Quote Generator 🔗, Simon Said 🔗, Tic Tac Toe 🔗

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS